Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Muslim Teens in US

Since decades zealots have wreaked havoc worldwide/ Killing God’s creatures in name of Islam/ Wandering in daze without a divine guide/ Tilling earth with swords of hate causing much harm/ Blaspheming against Allah and His Prophet/ Murdering Muslims and non-Muslims by feverish resolve/ Inciting anger against Muslims in whole world/ Rosary of evil in their hearts Around their bloody thoughts revolve/ Yet never in history of America before/ Muslim girl killed by zealot of another kind/ Till Trump’s rhetoric of hate left open wide door/ To volcanic anger for his supporters to easily find/ Their victims close to the precincts of a mosque/ Brutal murder most craven/ Will US injustice let them in glory bask/ For beating to death of NABRA HASSANEN/ Yet one might ask why one life more lamented than millions more/ While daily countless are massacred/ Yet again if US is caught in storm of lies galore/ Each life most precious with hate slaughtered/ Again and again harsh reminder for Muslims to contemplate/ Truth in their hearts where what went wrong/ Still opportunity for Muslim parents to educate/ Their teens to sing life’s song/ God dwells in loving hearts/ Not in mosques of marble coldness/ When zeal in favor of wisdom departs/ Ignorance melts against light of goodness/ Untimely death of teens is saddest of all/ When tragedy hits home with knife of hate/ Zeal rises to witness truth’s fall/ Balm to grief if we can blame all on fate/ Tragedy of all tragedies/ When mother loses young daughter/ To ravages of hate maladies/ Heart weeps eyes only see blood and slaughter/ Zeal of one Faith or Other Faith is no less brutal/ To kill God’s creatures is to malign Creator/ Anger stems from hate to acts cruel/ Murder becomes game as well as Creed of hater/ TO GRIEVING WORLD A BRIEF NOTE OF HOPE/ In tides of highs and lows/ Life coasts along/ River of love in hearts smoothly flows/ To this knowledge of universal truth we all belong/ AND A QUOTE FROM ELEANOR ROOSEVELT/ ‘It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself’ MAY ALL SUFFERED AND SUFFERING FIND LOVE AND PEACE

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Russia Play4Putin Act4

Act Four Scene: The same as in Act One. When the curtain opens, Hillary and Michelle are seen seated on the right side of the stage, facing the mantelpiece with TV screen on mute, yet displaying commercials and programs. Hillary Can’t believe Russia unleashed another time bomb of Wiki Leaks to literally hit me on the head. My supporters vacillating between shock and disbelief. This is the final blow they had intended since the beginning of elections, I am sure. And now both Russia and Republicans are gloating. Michelle And to think that elite members of the GOP had distanced themselves from Trump, now they are flocking around him like bees from the hornet’s nest. It’s tragic but true, Republicans are corrupt inside out, always flying high on the wings of arrogance. For eight years they have tried to undermine the presidency of my husband blocking every bill that he proposed. But that’s insignificant now, I hope America is not swayed by Russia’s deceit and evil meddling in US elections. Hillary I hope so too, there is so much at stake. Hate and violence are on the rise. Racism is awakening afresh to pitch whites against blacks. So much religious intolerance. White supremacists lurking somewhere to pounce on minorities. Michelle This is not the America I know. Every time I turn on the TV and watch the raging, insulting tirade of Trump, it makes me sick to my stomach. It has increased since Russia’s double-edged sword of Wiki Leaks which have no substance. Hillary America is wading through the waters of unrest and anarchy. Hateful, violent, belligerent, enveloped in fear, clouded by confusion. Michelle So much has happened in this past week, fake news, betrayal of trust, rise and fall of confidence. No one knows who to believe, media uncertain and frustrated. Hillary All we can do is to wait and hope for the best. My heart goes out to the kids, the ailing and the underprivileged. Michelle I wonder why we sound so depressed. We are winning, we got to win, for the sake of our great USA. Let’s be cheerful, think of bright, healthy America. Hillary That’s right! The first thing I am going to do as President is to purge America of all soot of hate, prejudice, hypocrisy and— [Putin enters, his look bright and gleaming.] Putin Good evening, Ladies. A night of great surprises and victory whoever can claim this prize. Michelle Of course, Hillary will claim that prize of victory! Everyone knows that, despite the scandalous attempts of culprits trying their best to malign the character of our First Woman President of USA. Putin (Lowering himself thoughtfully on a chair on the left side of the stage.) No need to reach to such hasty conclusion. Americans have not decided until the votes are counted. Hillary And they will be counted fairly, not rigged as Mr. Trump suggests. Putin He might be right no matter who wins or loses. Michelle He will claim to be right when he loses. [Enters Trump hugging a large package to his chest.] Trump Good evening. I am glad all the hoopla of election season is over. Now I can relax and gloat over my winnings. Michelle I admire your optimism, though you stand on the verge of losing. Trump (Lowering his package reverently on the glass table and claiming a chair beside Putin.) I have never for once lost in my life as long as I can keep my will power alight with the fire of ambition. Putin Make sure that fire doesn’t singe you, Mr. Trump. What do you have in that package? Trump A gift from me to me I am going to unwrap it after I win. Michelle Pity that you won’t be able to. Have you looked at the polls lately? Media is all abuzz showing Hillary in the lead in all Key States. Trump Media is useless. When I am president I will shut them off. They are bad, terrible. They will eat their own words, suffering the worst of gripes. Hillary Gripes of lies are the worst, and I am talking about the brains, not of the bowels, Nathaniel Hawthorne would say that if he were alive. Putin A charlatan by any name. Hawthorne was no Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. Michelle A great American author even Russians admire. We are proud of our authors and heritage, yet we don’t look down upon the talent of other nations with contempt. Putin I didn’t mean to offend, I am not particularly fond of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Trump I am not fond of reading, yet I can read the fates miles ahead of me. Right now they are smiling at me, I can see me winning. Hillary Can you see Russia drowning in a puddle of shame and guilt? Michelle History would brand Russia as the great enemy of great America. Putin Why do I feel I am invisible? Now, now, let’s not be harsh and judgmental. Hillary Yes, Wiki Leaks so benign and innocent. Russia of course would never admit that it is meddling in our elections boldly and shamelessly to disrupt the very fabric of our great values. Trump If Russia made you win, you would say it is the greatest nation on earth. Hillary Such a preposterous thought I leave that intact in your head. As it stands you are in awe of great Russia. Michelle And you love their Wiki Leaks. Especially this last volcanic release since you kept goading them to find more and more. Putin It seems like I am not only invisible but I am not even here the way you ladies keep talking about Russia. Well, well. Election Day is here, let the voters decide. Hillary If voters ever get a chance to use their own minds. [TV starts flashing results of polling in different states.] Trump (Leaping to his feet.) Five Key States, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, mine, mine. I am the winner. Michelle What do I see? Shock and despair in the eyes of the reporters. Hillary Why is the world so dark all of a sudden, Dante’s hell. Putin I expected this much, right on the mark. Trump (Lost in his own world of elation.) Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Wyoming, West Virginia, Oklahoma. That’s it, what else do I want. I am the president of USA, it is obvious now. Michelle This is a nightmare, it will pass. Hillary I see ruin and devastation everywhere. Putin Now Pennsylvania is yours, Mr. Trump. Election is over. You are the president. [TV is flashing news, Donald Trump the projected winner.] Hillary (Swaying to her feet.) God help us for the safety and health of all Americans. I pray that for once Trump doesn’t mean what he says. Michelle (Lumbering to her feet.) God help America. I have heard when God wants to punish a nation, he sends rogues and rascals and ignorant rulers to rule its people. Hillary Please, O God, no. Michelle America is resilient. It has been beaten several times before. It had always brushed off the dust of deceit and had sought glory. But never before it was betrayed by a Russian Dog. Prayerfully US would learn a precious lesson. Never again, never again! [Exit both Hillary and Michelle hand in hand.] Trump (Capering on his toes.) I alone did it! I alone did it! Putin No, you didn’t, Donald. You got secret help from Russia. Don’t ever deceive yourself that you can do anything, anything at all, alone. Trump Well I got help from my Hindu friends too. They worship me like a god you have seen already. Now you see before you the god incarnate. You want to see my gift to me. [Canters over to the glass table, tearing open the package. His picture in gold frame is revealed with red tilak on his forehead and a yellow garland around his neck, much like the depiction of Hindu gods in the temples. He takes the picture to the mantelpiece and places it in front of the American flag. [Then swirling back he joins Putin who has risen to his feet.] Putin You are no god, be assured. Trump Shall we dance? [Both Putin and Trump start dancing while rapping together.] Chorus:/ Trump child Trump wild/ Make America white again/ Skate board water board/ Replace gun with naked sword/ Cut Muslim’s jugular vein/ Make America white again/ Honor thy wall of hate/ Punch insult prate/ Erase name of faith profane/ Make America white again/ Latinos Muslims Mexicans/ Terrorist trashy neighbors/ All our enemies in great domain/ Make America white again/ Sing dance and proclaim/ Trump the emperor in gold frame/ Fortunes of world we will gain/ Make America white again/ Life Matters in parchment white/ Soar aloft, in ether glide/ We know world has gone insane/ Make America Great Again/ I have a secret plan/ Don’t you get it, Man/ We are here to entertain/ Make America white again/ The End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj1dHlegPWM http://farzanamoon.blogspot.com ‘Beliefs and opinions can answer the questions. But only Truth can solve the mystery.’ Zen saying

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Quran Justice

Quran Redeemed Excerpt/ The book, Quran Redeemed, is accepted to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing UK. Below is excerpt from the upcoming book./ Surah Eighty-Five/ Al Buruj/ True justice cannot be perceived until the veil of selfishness has been removed from the eyes./ The development of the sense of justice lies in unselfishness; one cannot be just and selfish at the same time./ The selfish person can be just, but only for himself./ He has his own law most suited to himself, and he can change it, and his reason will help him to do so, in order to suit his own requirements in life./ A spark of justice is to be found in every heart, in every person, whatever be his stage of evolution in life; but the one who loves fairness, so to speak blows on that spark, thus raising it to a flame, in the light of which life becomes more clear to him./ We cannot be a judge of the action of another until we ourselves are selfless./ Only then will justice come to us; only then will we understand the nature of justice./ Self is the wall between us and justice. There is only one thing that is truly just, and that is to say, 'I must not do this.'/ Real justice cannot be perceived until the veil of selfishness has been removed from his eyes./ The least spark of selfishness will prevent man from being just./ He will continue to have a partial interest, because he will be looking after his own interest./ Whatever furthers his own interests, he will call his right and his justice./ The prophets and the holy ones have all recognized the justice of God as the only real justice./ What is the nature of the justice of God?/ It can only be learned from the self within after selfishness has been removed./ Our limited self is like a wall separating us from the Self of God./ God is as far away from us as that wall is thick./ The wisdom and justice of God are within us, and yet they are far away under the covering of the veil of the limited self./ Whoever has arrived at that realization of the nature of God's justice is able to see things in a different way from others./ His whole outlook on life becomes different. Hazrat Inayat Khan/ In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful/ By the heaven holding mansions of stars. (85:1 Quran)/ And by the Promised Day. (85:2 Quran)/ And by the witness of that whereunto he beareth testimony. (85:3 Quran)/ Lo! He it is Who produceth, then reproduceth. (85:13 Quran)/ And He is the Forgiving, the Loving. (85:14 Quran)/ Lord of the Throne of Glory. (85:15 Quran)/ Doer of What He will. (85:16 Quran)/ Hath there come unto thee the story of the hosts. (85:17 Quran)/ The Pharaoh and the tribe of Thamud? (85:18 Quran)/ Nay, but those who disbelieve live in denial. (85:19 Quran)/ And Allah, all unseen, surroundeth them. (85:20 Quran)/ Nay, but it is a glorious Quran. (85:21 Quran)/ On a guarded tablet. (85:22 Quran)/ The God Ideal (4) Hazrat Inayat Khan/ There are different conceptions of God existing in various periods and known to different people./ The people, in all ages, seeking for the Deity have pictured Him in some form or other./ It is natural with man./ If he is told about someone he has never seen or known, he makes a conception of that person and he holds his conception as his knowledge of that person until he sees him./ There are some who make a conception in their mind of a person they have not seen, almost as real as the person./ The human heart is an accommodation which conceives the idea of God and pictures Him according to man's mentality./ The Buddha of China has Chinese features, and that of Japan has the eyes of Japan, the Buddha of India has the Indian likeness./ Man cannot conceive of an angel being any different from a human being, except that he attaches two wings to the angel in order to make it a little different./ If the angel were not pictured as man it would not be an attraction to a human being./ Therefore it is natural that in every period people have conceived the personality of God as a human personality./ And no better conception could they have given, for there is nothing in the world which is a more finished personality than the human personality./ People have called God He, recognizing the might and power of the Deity./ People have called God She, recognizing in the Deity that Mother-principle and beauty./ And it is the differences of conception from which have come the many gods and goddesses./ And it is true, too; for as many conceptions, so many gods./ And yet many gods means many conceptions of the One Only God./ By ignorance of this truth many have fought over their different gods; and yet the wise man in every period of the world has understood God to be the One and Only Being./ For the ordinary mind, to feel the existence of someone in the idea is not sufficient./ It is too vague./ One wants to feel the existence of someone with his own hands, then only he can acknowledge something to be existent./ The wise, therefore, have given different objects to such mentalities, and pointed them out to the people as gods./ Some said: see God in the sun, and the person understood./ He was not satisfied to think that God was in the idea; he was much more pleased to know now that God is seen by him, and God is incomparably even as the sun, and that God is not reachable./ Some wise men have said: He is in the fire. Some said, to a simpleton who asked to see God: Go in the forest and find out a certain tree, and that tree is God./ The search for that tree gave something for that man to do, which was the first essential thing./ And the patience with which he sought the tree also did something in his soul./ And the joy of finding a rare tree was also a pleasure, and in the end he found, for God is everywhere./ ‘The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.’ /Thomas Paine/ ‘It is shame to let ignorance and complacency be stronger than wisdom’/Marcus Aurelius/ ‘One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life./That word is Love.’/Sophocles

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Peace Memorial

Happy Super Bowl/Today Super Bowl is on the same day as the death anniversary of Hazrat Inayat Khan and his teachings are being shared all over world as a mark of reverence and celebration/He came to America Year 1910 with a message of peace, unity and harmony in all religions/ Even after more than a century ago his message of love still resounds fresh and inspiring/Below is an excerpt form his teachings which is so pertinent to our times in throes of uncertainty/ Memorial Note:/ Hazrat Inayat Khan - July 5, 1882 - February 5, 1927/ Following a bout with pneumonia, Inayat Khan departed from this world on February 5, 1927, at the Tilak Lodge, located along the river Yamuna near Delhi, India./ His burial tomb is in the Basti Nizamuddin neighborhood of Delhi./ Inayat Khan described the essence of his spiritual message with the following words, which are offered here to commemorate his life and teachings:/ Our sacred task is to awaken among those around us and among those whom we can reach in the first place the spirit of tolerance for the religion, scripture, and the ideal of devotion of one another; our next task is to make man understand people of different nations, races and communities, also of different classes./ By this we do not mean to say that all races and nations must become one, nor that all classes must become one; only what we have to say is that whatever be our religion, nation, race or class, our most sacred duty is to work for one another, in one another's interest, and to consider that as the service of God. .../ The central theme of the Sufi Message is one simple thing, and yet most difficult, and that is to bring about in the world the realization of the divinity of the human soul, which hitherto has been overlooked, for the reason that the time had not come./ The principal thing that the Message has to accomplish in this era is to create the realization of the divine spark in every soul, that every soul according to its progress may begin to realize for itself the spark of divinity within./ This is the task that is before us./ Now you may ask, what is the Message?/ The Message is this: that the whole humanity is as one single body, and all nations and communities and races as the different organs, and the happiness and well-being of each of them is the happiness and well-being of the whole body./ If there is one organ of the body in pain, the whole body has to sustain a share of the strain of it./ That by this Message mankind may begin to think that his welfare and his well-being is not in looking after himself, but it is in looking after others, and when in all there will be reciprocity, love and goodness towards another, the better time will come./ The need of the world today is not learning, but how to become considerate towards one another./ To try and find out in what way happiness can be brought about, and in this way to realize that peace which is the longing of every soul; and to impart it to others, thereby attaining our life's goal, the sublimity of life./ 'People kill each other for idols/Wonder makes us fall to our knees'/Gregory of Nyssa

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Russian Roulette

First Happy New Year to World At Large/ Happy happy New Year/Garlands strewn with love wear/Herald music from ether sublime/Live in symphonic peace of time/ Second/ Act Two of full length play Russian Roulette/Excerpt Act Two Scene: The same as in Act One. As the curtain opens, Putin is seen standing in utter immobility, talking to himself. Putin These sons of piety, arrogance, debauchery will lick their own wounds from the blood bath of evil they are going to spill in fever of hate, racism and bigotry. It would be such a delight to see America brutally crushed. It will be their firsthand experience in empathy how USSR felt after being partitioned into hordes of warring hatemongers. No USA but US of Asinine Senility Underdog. [Trump straggles in haggard and distraught.] Trump What were you saying, my Friend? I thought I heard you speak. Putin I was saying how great America would be under your presidency. You would rule the world as it had not ever been ruled before. You would cut ISIS into thin slices of meat and feed them to the dogs. Oh, such a spectacle worth witnessing to watch the smelly swine devoured by dogs! Trump You have to help me in this, Putin. Crooked Hillary is gathering millions of followers. Everyone is against me, the slobbering media, the sycophantic republicans, the heathen priests in moldy frocks of self-righteous dignity. I want to choke them all with my bare hands. Putin Save your breath, Donald, believe you in me. I will make sure you are the next president of the United States. It’s easy for me. US underestimates the strength of Russia. Trump Russia, its limbs hacked off, can it save me. I am in deep trouble. Stinking Muslims at my heels, black apes snarling at me, dirty Latinos raising a dirt-storm and filthy Mexicans screaming horrible insults. Disgusting, I say, disgusting. Putin Don’t pay any attention to those slithering worms. Just concentrate on the scandal of Hillary’s emails. That’s your mantra to success. Keep repeating it, till it begins to resound with the frequency of hypnotic trance. Emails alone will become part of US psyche, nothing will matter and they will be blind to everything. Americans will become the living, breathing emails themselves, seeing, hearing, tasting emails, emails, emails. Trump Is that all you have to— [Trump’s despair is truncated as he notices the leisurely approach of Hillary and Michelle.] Putin (With a gallant sweep of his arm.) Welcome, Ladies. You both look radiant. Hillary We are in no mood of social encounter. Michelle Just snatching a few moments of quiet and sanity. Trump We could be civil to each other when away from the glaring lights of the cameras. Putin (Indicating the welcoming depths of the soft couch) It would be such a pleasant reprieve. Come, join us. Hillary (Lowering herself on the couch reluctantly) A challenge to discover what civility means? Michelle (Joining Hillary on the couch.) When humanity can graduate from being civil to becoming civilized society we all can be friends. Trump (Claiming a chair opposite the ladies.) I thought I had friends, but they have moved from being civil to hostile. Putin (Seating himself beside Trump in the matching gold chair.) Hostility has its own charm. It awakens its victims to the lure of vengeance. Hillary What dark analogy? Vengeance is God’s alone. The people who hurt us the most are the best of our teachers. Michelle Vengeful spirits are the dark ones with low self-esteem. Trump I can never forgive anyone who attacks me personally. Putin To err is human, forgiveness divine? So very difficult to practice though. Hillary (To Trump) What about the ones you attack, do you want them to forgive you? Trump I don’t intend to offend. I have done nothing to seek forgiveness. Michelle In your vocabulary, Mr. Trump, offending is not offensive. Low energy Jeb Bush, Lying Ted, Little Rubio. To naked ear, they don’t sound like endearments, or do they? Putin Now, now, let’s not get into dirty politics. Trump On the chessboard of life the king has to sweep away all the rooks lest they put the king in check. Hillary So that’s how you knock out your opponents with insults vile and appalling. Trump Only when it is necessary. Hillary Is it necessary to call women pigs, blobs, not to mention calling me crooked Hillary in you speeches and email letters to millions of Republicans who think your fiery rhetoric is neither rude nor hateful, only bombastic? Putin As I say to myself, Mr. Trump doesn’t mean what he says. Michelle Why say something which is outright lie, odious and hurtful. Mr. Trump screaming before his loud supporters: Muslims are terrorists, Latinos robbers, Mexicans rapists, alien criminals. Very presidential I must say. Trump That’s my way of removing dirty immigrants from our sacred soil, my kind of Clean Energy Bill. Hillary Even middle school kids know Climate Change is not a Chinese Hoax. Aside from that, we all are immigrants. The only true Americans are the Native Indian Americans who are neglected in their poor Reservations. Michelle We can’t even leave their little patches of sacred land alone, pushing hard to dig under their sacred river for our own selfish reasons. Putin Selfishness is man’s legacy from Biblical rivalry between Cain and Abel to Quranic jihad between Infidel and Believer. Trump Theology makes me dull, only fear of God can keep one alive. Hillary Love for God makes one live, truly live. Michelle Strange how faith binds us together and also pulls us apart. Putin Wonder why women put so much weight on faith. Hillary Great wonder still preachers are mostly men with the exception of a handful of women. Men decide what women should do or not do. Even in this century twenty-one women are struggling in some parts of the world for the basic rights of freedom, education, working conditions. Trump Women are their own worst enemies, they don’t know what they want. Michelle Women want to be healthy and independent. Free to choose their lifestyle in health, education, workforce, Family-planning. Trump Yes, your husband’s disastrous plan, Obamacare! I am going to throw it out of the window of the Oval Office the first day of my presidency. It is bad, bad, very bad. Hillary How presumptuous of you, talking as if you already are the president. Americans would really love you if you dissolve Obamacare! Poor patients with terminal ailments without insurance, not being able to be admitted to hospitals, left alone to die in their homes if not on the streets. Putin Now that’s what I call pretty picture of America, but Mr. Trump is going to fix it I am sure. Michelle He loves breaking—laws, leaving fixing to others who are duped into believing in claiming a chunk of his wealth. Trump That’s a harsh judgment from the lips of the First Lady whom I have always held in great respect. I have nothing against President Obama either. Michelle For sure, still maintaining this grand lie, my husband was not born in America? Putin Mr. Trump told me the other day, that claim was just a teaser. He was just having fun with it, now that it has blown out of proportion, he is going to clear this misconception. Hillary Misconception! Defaming the character of the incumbent President, challenging his status with grand lies, demanding birth certificate? A teaser, you say? Trump Today, in front of all Americans I am going to confess, President Obama was born in USA Michelle Many thanks for breaking this great wall of hate with your abrupt confession, how gracious! Trump Talking of walls. I am going to build a great wall across the Mexican border to keep the thieves and robbers out of our great country USA. Hillary Wisdom has no walls, only ignorance creates barriers with walls which crumble before the noble hands of humanity who have compassion in their hearts. Putin Wisdom has nothing to do with politics. Politics is garbage and one has to dig out precious wares out of this stinking filth with enough courage to display them, hoping for admiration, not revulsion. Michelle What a revolting thought. When wall of ignorance rises to the heights of absurdity, volcano of wisdom from somewhere erupts forth to crumble it to volcanic ashes. Hillary True. There are two kinds of walls. Wall of self-defense built on the foundations of wisdom and wall of ignorance on sand-dunes of false fear. Trump Fear of Americans is very genuine as we see the rise of ISIS. I have a solution for that. Not only I am going to destroy those ugly Muslim raccoons, but if we capture some alive I will make them scream under waterboarding until I devise more horrible method of torture. Putin Now, now. We don’t have to adopt such extreme measures as long as they humble themselves with penance and servitude. Michelle And we think we live in a civilized world? If we keep walking in the footsteps of the savages and barbarians of old times, we would fail in our moral obligation to evolve as human beings. Trump Those Radical Muslims are not human but beasts. They can’t live with human beings unless tamed. Hillary Aside from ISIS, Radical Muslims, alien criminals like Latinos and Mexicans, what is your real plan to make America stronger and more prosperous? Trump Total ban on Muslims to enter the United States is first step to make our country safe. I am going to deport all illegal aliens to make jobs available for real Americans. It’s disgusting how Americans live in inner cities, very, very bad. Michelle How would you know, you have never been to the inner cities? Always accustomed to the comforts of your palaces in gold and glitter. Unemployment rate is the lowest in history right now, can’t imagine how you can create more jobs without any real plan? Putin With the wand of gold and glitter which made him a successful businessman Hillary No one sees gold and glitter these days, but dark smudges of scandal and hateful rhetoric on the rungs of violence. Hate, anger and volley of insults. Fake news and false accusations. Michelle Not to mention, odious WikiLeaks and the rise of fear, slander and bitterness. Trump Fear is genuine. Bad, corrupt government. Rise of ISIS. Terrible, terrible. America is in real danger, Muslim extremists waiting in ambush to attack and destroy. Putin US must be vigilant I agree. Foreign forces are covertly planning the ruin of America. Hillary No doubt, Russia foremost in this race for ruin. Day by day it looks more like Russian election than US. Openly meddling in US elections, and we all seem to be blind. Michelle The greatest tragedy for US if we can’t stop this vicious wave of meddling. Trump Great tragedy that US refuses to admit the real threat, which is ISIS. We let them breed in Iraq, and now they are all over Europe. Disgusting, disgusting. Hillary Pounding fear into the minds and hearts of Americans is not only tragic, but utterly unfortunate. ISIS is on decline. No one can go unpunished if they attack America. We got Bin Laden, didn’t we? Extremism by any name, form and ideology is bound to perish. Without fail, it is bound to be consumed by its own fires of hate, zeal, brutality. History stands witness to such facts. Michelle Yes, even if it takes the whole world to stand against bigotry, injustice, hatred and fever of dementia. Tragedies of WW11 are not too far to be forgotten. May God protect us from the fires of evil and from dark forces beyond our powers to fathom? Putin History repeats itself, not that I am a great believer of this adage. And I don’t see any shadow of vast tragedies lurking somewhere in the future. Trump This whole country is a great tragedy as I see it. A great disaster, no jobs, poverty, healthcare stinks. Education is terrible. Terrible, terrible! US is falling apart, sinking in the black hole of disaster upon disaster. I am the only one who is going to fix it. Michelle (Getting to her feet.) Mr. Trump, what my husband has done for US, no other president has even come close to it. Securing our borders, getting us out of the worst recession. More Americans can afford health care under Obamacare. Unemployment rate is down. More Americans are seeking higher education. These are just a few benefits amongst many countless ones, for which my husband doesn’t get any credit, because he doesn’t like to boast. I am getting sick and tired of all these lies and insults. [Stops in an act of leaving as Hillary gets to her feet too.] Hillary Hoping, Donald, you will be able to glean a glimmer of truth out of the puddles of your lies before this night is over. Good night. [Hillary and Michelle exit.] Putin Well, well, Donald! You must remain true to yourself. Angry, insulting, outlandish, outrageous. That’s your nature and your ticket to success. People love it, media can’t have enough of it. You get prime time coverage twenty-four hours a day, seven hours a week without spending a penny. So very gratifying to know that. Just keep tossing juicy insults as meat to the dogs and media will come flocking around it, fighting for even the least scrap. Trump You take me for my worth of who I am, a demon, should I be flattered? Putin Only demons win, a few exceptions of course, but the angels don’t succeed after all even if they win. Like President Obama, he won, but GOP didn’t let him succeed in most of his good proposals. You might—win, I mean, if you get GOP majority in House and Senate, then you can make America white again, and become the king of the demons. Trump How well you know me. Only a demon can know a demon. Yet I am not sure of myself. I have always won by the power of my will and by the brute power of my wealth, but this is different. I have no plan. I don’t know what the hell I am doing, or where I am going. All I know is that those brutes out there love me, chanting, lock Hillary up. Whipping my own passion of vengeance to frenzy with their own frenzied need for white supremacy. Putin And white supremacy it would be, believe you in me. I have a trail of WikiLeaks planted as time-bombs at the right place at the right time. Hillary will be crushed in ignominious defeat while still basking in the glorious dream of her sweeping victory. Trump Such a hell-of-a fantastic feeling to see a woman grovel in the mud of her defeat! A beauty, real beauty, that’s what I call happiness. With this bright note, let me wish you goodbye. I need rest, my head is spinning to have more rallies in as many states as possible. [Exit Trump] Putin And my head is shining like a crystal ball. What do I see? Alt-right, white supremacists, KKK, pious Evangelists rising out of the shadows of yesteryears. America torn into bloody chunks of rivalry, racism, bigotry, hypocrisy! Pitiful spectacle of awful doom and destruction. A mighty nation knee-deep in its own rivers of blood and carnage. Now, that’s what I call real beauty! Yet, God is mysterious, in his great mercy, he would place America next to another great nation in place and history, Fall of Rome. The curtain/ 'Morning haze/ As in a painting of a dream/ Men go their ways'/Buson/ “When we remember we are all mad, the mystery disappears and life stands explained.”/Mark Twain

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Veiling UnIslamic

Veiling may be cultural or traditional in certain parts of the world, but it certainly has nothing to do with Islam.—Clerics of zeal invented it to control women and now it has become a symbol of Islam for Muslim women and for everyone else in the whole wide world.— Hijab and veiling is not Islamic, though many believe it to be so, including Muslim men and Muslim women who question not the veracity of such customs imposed by the so-called men of learning since centuries.— Such customs have become solid beliefs, repeated so often by so many with such passion and persistency that they have assumed the aura of truth.— Yet it is possible to shatter this false aura of truth by chiseling away layers upon layers of lies where the purity of expression still breathes love and radiance within the pages of the Quran and the Hadith.— There is not a single verse in the Quran with any injunction of veil or hijab.— Below are verses from the Quran prone to misinterpretation by the arbiters of Islam. – Though a couple of those cited here, neglected by Muslims, are for men to be modest.— Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest.—This is purer for them. Lo! –Allah is aware of what they do. (Quran 24:30)—And men who guard their modesty and women who guard their modesty, and men who remember Allah and women who remember--Allah hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward. (Quran 33:35)— And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display their adornments only that which is apparent, and to draw their scarves over their bosoms. (Quran 24:31) – This verse above was revealed in response to pagan women going around Kaaba, wearing low-neck dresses with their bosoms revealed.— O ye who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet for a meal without waiting for the proper time, unless permission is granted you.— But if you are invited, enter, and when your meal is ended, then disperse.— Lingering not for conversation.—Lo, that would cause annoyance to the Prophet and he would be shy of asking you to go, but Allah is not shy of the truth.—And when ye ask of the wives of the Prophet anything, ask it from them from behind a curtain. (Quran 33:53)— This verse above was revealed after the Prophet’s marriage with Zainab. The wedding guests lingered over the feast and didn’t leave until it was very late in the night. – The wearing of a veil was pre-Islamic custom observed by the women of the Sasanian society.— The segregation of the sexes was also pre-Islamic, practiced in the regions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. – No evidence of veiling is in the Quran or Sunnah.— During the lifetime of the Prophet, Muslim women participated in the public life and didn’t wear hijab. – The pagan women as well as women from the Judeo-Christian background wore veil and hijab as a mark of wealth, status and distinction.—To instill the virtue of equality amongst Muslims the Prophet Muhammad forbade the Muslim women to wear veils.—The pearls of Hadith below attest to this fact.— [Abu Dawud 11:29] The veil was worn in Arabia as a mark of rank: and it was therefore disallowed, as pilgrimage required obliteration of all differences of rank— Forbidding a veil in a pilgrimage is a further conclusive proof that Holy Quran did not enjoin the wearing of veil, as in that case the prohibition here stated would be a contradiction of the Holy Quran.— Gloves are not allowed because like the veil they are a mark of rank.— Ornaments are allowed because they are not a mark of rank, and are worn by even ordinary people and laboring classes.—Excerpt from Sharia Exposed— Hazrat Inayat Khan’s explanation on such customs:-- ‘The custom of the seclusion of the mystics remains only in the mystical Orders, but one finds the seclusion of women prevalent in the East.— When a custom takes root in a section of society certainly it can be used and abused as people may choose. No doubt jealousy, which is in human nature, is a proof of love, but jealousy can be the source of a great many crimes.—Man has always guarded the treasures that he values most in all sorts of coverings, and since that which man can love most is woman he has often ignorantly tried to guard her in the same way as all things of value and importance.— And the custom of seclusion has been in his hand a means that has enabled him to control his household in the manner he likes. –However, it is not true that this custom was the outcome of the teaching of the Prophet. –There are only two places in the records where an utterance of the Prophet on the subject is to be found.— In one place it is told that when some coarse dances were going on among the peasants of his land, he said that women must be clad properly.— In the other place that when the ladies of the Prophet's household were returning home after taking care of the Prophet and his army during a battle, they were disinclined to look at the battle-field and to show themselves to their enemies, and the only thing that could be advised by the Prophet was that now that peace had been made if they did not like to show themselves they might veil their faces.— In India one sees the custom that an aged woman covers her face, a widow covers her face and a bride veils her face.— There is some little psychological meaning in it.— It is the nature of every soul to wish to hide its sorrow, and by veiling her face the widow veils her sorrow from others.— And the veil that one sees on the face of an aged woman is there for the reason that in age the emotions become more visible and one has little control so as to hide them from; others, and when the heart has become softened at every little touch, however gentle, it is easily moved, and the covering is as a shield over it.— On the face of a bride the veil is for the preservation of her charm, of the magnetism; at the same time the finest beauty in human nature is modesty, in whatever form it appears.’— ‘There is freedom waiting for you/On the heavens of the sky/And you ask if I fall/Oh, but my darling/What if you fly.’/Erin Hanson// Niqab, Burqa, Abeya designed by Wahhabi zealots, forcing women to wear death shrouds while living, are totally and absolutely unIslamic.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Friends Incarnate

Friends Incarnate, to be published by All Things That Matter Press, captures the mood of Baby Boom generation, exploring the dimensions of change and freedom.— This book contains ‘Stuff’ made for movies.— Gable, the protagonist, is a young writer, driven by his own moods and ideas, wading through a hurricane of passions to reach the shore of his destiny.— His journey in quest of love and peace is marked by agony and bewilderment.— In an act of euthanasia, he kills his grandmother.— Branded as a murderer and incarcerated for a few years, he becomes the victim of his own guilt and ideation.— His true love, Ethel, gets married to his best friend, Fabian, and his younger sister Maryana finds consolation inside the walls of a nunnery.— The hurricanes of events following his release from the prison, hurl him straight into the waters of perdition.— An inveterate stoic, if not a masochist; carrying the burden of a loveless marriage resulting in divorce, and nursing the wounds of his love for Ethel inside him, he succumbs to the noble strain of a heart attack.— His sister Maryana commits suicide, leaving behind a diary, the testament of her own sinful passion for Reverend Valenty.— Grief and death have become Gable’s companions, unfurling more deaths, none other than of his own parents.— His youngest brother Davie—a victim of polio, yet a great pianist, marries a beautiful girl by the name of Phoebe.— Phoebe becomes Gable’s Queen of Adultery, his nemesis and torment Supreme.— Amidst this ocean of guilt and madness, Fabian dies of cancer, and Davie breathes his last, afflicted with lung fever.— The curtain of Destiny has effaced all, leaving behind the friends incarnate, Ethel and Gable, the eternal Bride and Bridegroom.— This canvas of baby-boomers is a collage of sinful passions and glorious madness.— ‘I have heard that illustrious Jamshed— Inscribed those words on a stone beside a fountain— And disappeared in the twinkling of an eye— Should we conquer the whole world by our valor and manhood— Yet what part of it we carry with us to the grave’— Saadi— Charles Dickens might say this if he were alive?—This is the best of times and the worst of times to pray for the health and safety of America and for the whole wide world. May God grant the Gift of wisdom and understanding to all His creatures.— Happy Thanksgiving